How To Fly With Only One Carry-On

One way we’re minimal in our travel is by taking only one carry-on when we fly. We’ve found it makes our travel so much easier and makes a lot of sense for us. We talk about why we travel with one carry-on and a little bit of how we do it.

Here’s a list of what’s in our bags:
Phones and chargers
Laptops and chargers
1 mouse
Flash drives for work
Notebook for notes
3+ pens
2 highlighters
1 iPod and charger
2 headphones
1 headphone splitter
toiletries bag
6 books
3 magazines
4 pairs of shoes
1 hat
9 pairs of socks
6 pairs of pants
12 shirts
1 purse (maybe) this may be downsized to just my wallet
1 bag of unshowables – underwear, etc.

To make sure we have everything and I’ve done everything I need to do before the trip, I’ve created a packlist in Asana. I’m able to print it out and it makes packing SO easy.

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